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Five things in five minutes

Five things in five minutes
Thursday 11 May, 2017

Publishers connect via Facebook Messenger Newsbot, everything tech related you need to know from the federal budget and Snapchat releases updates. Here’s five things in five minutes to wrap up your week.

Is Messenger Facebook’s answer to keeping publishers?

Imagine waking up to an automated news update on your phone via Facebook Messenger. The ABC has grown its digital footprint using Newsbot. Will Newsbots change the way we receive news?

Everything tech related you need to know from the federal budget

For all our tech-savvy friends out there, the budget has announced some interesting tech measures. In two years’ time we’ll all have electronic health records. Find out about all the tech here.

Snapchat’s magic eraser has arrived

Snapchat has released a suite of new creative tools. From magic erasers to Snap loops, find out about the new features here.

China, meet Aldi

Go hard or go home, and that is exactly what supermarket giant Aldi has done. Aldi took a dramatic approach to impress the market in China. Find out what they did here.

Instagram revamps mobile site

Instagram upgraded its mobile website, mirroring the features of the main app. Find out what you can do on the mobile website here.

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